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Interview Trends over inclusie als middel om te innoveren

Wij zijn geen quotabitches. Bij het coachingbureau YIN United is inclusie een middel om te innoveren. Ruimte voor een alibi-Ali of excuus-Truus is er niet. “We willen resultaat zien. We blijven businessmadammen.” Om het volledige artikel te lezen, contacteer ons via deze link.

Welcome, Generation U

A United Generation We always had the feeling it was bad karma to use the letter X as the first letter to name a generation. You just knew sociologists where jinxing it with only two letters left in the alphabet. And so it turns out. Just when Gen Z is [...]

Interview Media Marketing (NL)

Creative Belgium en YIN United coachen de sector in inclusief leiderschap Uit het Voices of our industry onderzoek van Creative Belgium vorig jaar bleek dat zowel inclusiviteit als diversiteit en het stressniveau bij de Belgische bureaus beter zouden kunnen. Daarom start de vereniging tailormade coaching sessies die daar verandering in moeten brengen. [...]

I dream of a new virus

When I worked at IKEA there was – and still is - a product range, called 365+. This were products for daily use, good function combined with good design. Cups, plates, pots and pans, all 365+. Not the ‘fancy’ stuff that you keep in the cupboards and only get out [...]

Interesting Reads

We love to share goodreads. This reading list shares a few of our favorite books about self-development, creativity, innovative thinking, the mind, etc. Get in touch if your favorite book should be on our list as well. All the brains in the business Positive Intelligence The [...]

Bounce back

How to create an upward spiral for the creative industry. “YIN” is an acronym for “You Include Now” - “You Innovate Now” - “You Inspire Now”. We united these movements into our name YIN UNITED. But of course, we should tip the wink that it probably makes you think [...]

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