The global business world
is faced with 4 fundamental shifts.

The global business world is faced with 4 fundamental shifts.


Diversity of markets

A global mindset requires embedding ourselves in different cultures and lowering the tension between international scale and local adaptation.


Diversity of customers

Digitalisation leads to empowerment of customers who expect greater personalisation in shaping the products and services they consume.


Diversity of ideas

Organizations must ‘innovate or die’, extols Bill Gates. Digital disruption has reshaped whole industries and brought forth new players. In the race for new ideas, diversity of thinking is needed to find breakthrough insights.


Diversity of talent

Millennials are coming of age. With high expectations and different attitudes towards work, they will be integral in shaping companies’ future culture. Shifts like this in age profiles, but also in education, and migration flows, along with expectations of equality of opportunity and work/life balance, are all impacting employee populations. Future success will depend on the leader’s ability to optimize a diverse talent pool.

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