Our learning approach

In each of our inclusive business coaching programs, we offer you a learning journey based on the evidence-based ‘10-20-70 learning rule’.


is creating awareness through evidence-based theoretical knowledge.


is peer-to-peer learning through interaction with others. We call it jam sessions.


is learned on a job-related daily basis.
Learning by doing.

Who do you want to impact?

We offer you 3 programs to choose from, with a focus on positively impacting your team, your client relationship and/or yourself.

Your Team

Develop a sharper view than your opponents. Introduce inclusive thinking in your management team and improve your business results.

Impacting Your Team
Your Client

Don’t end-up in a cat-dog situation. Make your supplier-client relationship last longer and boost your creative excellence together.

Impacting Your Client

Taking care of yourself first makes it easier to care for others. It starts here and now.

Impacting Yourself