Don’t end up in a cat-dog situation.
Make your client-supplier relationship last longer.

Don’t end up in a cat-dog situation.
Make your agency-client relation last longer.

Impacting your client-supplier relationships

For who?

Client & supplier duo’s at leadership level who want to boost their collaboration and creative excellence.

Your take-away?

Trust by clients appears to be eroding in ecosystem times. More transparency is vital. We are increasingly reliant on others to get the job done, which means we need to make human connections that move beyond task-based relationships. By stepping into this program, you make the connection with your client stronger and ensure a long-lasting relationship with better work as a result.


This program is an invitation to connect with your client contact beyond the yearly lunch sales talk. It sustains your relationship by going beyond the transactional and building an environment of mutual dialogue & trust.

  • Outside-In: we start with an inspirational keynote about your “topic of choice”. For instance about how unbiased thinking leads to innovative thinking.
  • Inside-Out: next we jointly land actions during a duo coaching session, anchoring it in your business relationship.
  • Finally integrating it into your daily reality by an individual coaching follow-up.

Our learning approach

In each of our inclusive business coaching programs, we offer you a learning journey based on the evidence-based ‘10-20-70 learning rule’.


An inspirational keynote, lifting curiosity on a topic that tickles your outside-in thinking.


Coaching session with both parties to land the learnings into your work relationship, gaining an inclusive collaboration with your client.


One-to-one coaching trajectory to translate the change into daily call-to-actions with your own team (at client and agency side separately), in 5 sessions spread over 6 months.