Develop a sharper view than your opponents.

Develop a sharper view than your opponents.

Impacting your team

For who?

Management teams who want to gain a competitive edge in their business planning, while finding a better integration of work life and personal life for themselves and their teams. This inclusive business coaching journey is exclusively designed for your company.

Your take-away?

By working on your mission, culture, employee journey and product & service design you gain a better collaboration with all your stakeholders. With better performance as a result.


This is a team-based journey, consisting of:

  • Intake
  • Outside-In: we start with an inspirational keynote on unconscious bias & inclusive business thinking.
  • Inside-Out: next we jointly land actions anchoring it in your business planning :
    • Your mission & values
    • Your customer journey
    • Your employee journey
    • Ideas for new people and planet centric products & services
  • Finally integrating it into your leadership development by an individual coaching follow-up.

Our learning approach

In each of our inclusive business coaching programs, we offer you a learning journey based on the evidence-based ‘10-20-70 learning rule’.


Virtual classroom with E-book and/or inspiring Talk.


Workshop to land it in your company’s (eco)system.


One-to-one coaching for management members & team leaders.