Taking care of yourself first makes it easier to care for others.

Taking care of yourself first makes it easier to care for others.

Impacting yourself

We also offer individual programs for leaders of today & tomorrow.
This offering is based on the priorities and needs expressed in the Voices of our Industry Report and is has been set up with the support of Creative Belgium. We like lifting the marcom industry because of its role in the perception of how we live and work tomorrow. Flanders DC joined forces to widen the opportunity to all creative industries. If you work in another category, we are more than happy to help you bring this offering to your working reality.

Available modules

  1. Unbiased thinking leads to creative thinking.
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  2. Growth & career thinking for female leaders.
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  3. For male leaders to develop their inclusive side.
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  4. Optimise your hybrid workplace: get more connected & less stressed.
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Our learning approach

In each of our inclusive business coaching programs, we offer you a learning journey based on the evidence-based ‘10-20-70 learning rule’.


Virtual classroom with E-book.


Jam session, a live sharing experience with an engaging expert alongside a group of thoughtful, open-minded peers


One-to-one coaching with our inclusive business coach (virtually or live)

We also run a Business unit that works collaboratively with companies to personalise these programs for them. To learn more, contact us.