Dear stress, let’s break-up

Dear stress,
let’s break-up

Optimise your hybrid workplace.

More belonging & mental energy for more innovation readiness.

People are experiencing high levels of stress due to the Covid measures. Difficulties with integrating work life & personal life is the biggest contributor to this problem. Rethinking how you care for yourself (and your people) and looking at it as an investment, not just a cost, holds a lot of potential. This is about improving your daily routines, especially now that the hybrid workplace is here to stay. We can’t be positively infectious with others unless we’re feeling inspired and sustained ourselves first.

This class gives key lessons to start for yourself individually in your day-to-day life, to be more happy, more connected, more creative, set a good example and inspire others to follow.

What will I learn?

  • Demystify that stress is always negative. And learn to tackle when it is.
  • How to nurture your creative brain and positive mindset.
  • Explore your energy eaters and energy givers.
  • Learn how to better connect with a few magic tips & tricks: listening skills, controlling your assumptions, responses and defenses.
  • Set your personal goal and plan an easy start in order to hold on to it and thrive.

Why should I attend…

You’ll succeed in business and as an individual if you join forces and get better at collaborating with your team, your peers, your clients as well as suppliers and other key players. Because we’re at the start of new times in a hybrid world. Innovation, disruption, co-creating, consolidating what’s good, transformation and so on. Building trust is one of the currencies of the future, because one way or the other we depend on each other for future growth. In the workplace and in the marketplace.
But success is also dependent of a healthy workplace. Here are some science-backed tactics to lift your spirits, sharpen your mind and put some energy back in the tank whenever you most need it.

For who?

Professionals who want to discover how they can connect in remote times and collaborate better, feeling less stressed and much more thriving as a result.

This course can also be tailored to train teams, management teams and thereby structurally improve the organisation as such.


Lunch sessions: 2 separate training courses of 1,5 hour + additional pre-tasking.
Followed by a live jam session of 3,5 hours with open-minded peers (max 6), led by an engaging expert.


The waiting list for the next sessions is open.


Get in touch for more info.

Did you know that senior staff are much happier to do overtime than junior and mid-level staff?