How do you want
to be remembered?

Are you successful in your business or career? But do you feel it’s time to think about your bigger purpose in life?  Dive deep into your beliefs and values, reorient your path and leave a legacy as a human being, with the help of leadership coach Emily Rammant.

Build your legacy

Define how you want to be remembered

Kickstart your legacy coaching journey today:

  • Identify your personal values and reset your beliefs
  • Clarify your personal purpose and possible legacy goals in a world in transformation
  • Develop a plan for the future, to make your legacy real
  • Implement your legacy project
  • Evaluate the impact and effectiveness
  • Sustain your legacy on the long run

Follow this coaching trajectory in your preferred language (NL-FR-UK).

Possible outcomes

The outcome of our coaching trajectory can go from writing a book to funding research in your field of interest, to setting up an art foundation, or just putting a smile on someone’s face, …as well as on your own face too. Together, we define and build your legacy to make a greater impact on society and your loved ones. We make sure you as a person last longer than your career.

Get inspired by our podcast

In ‘Meeting met mijn dochter’, you can learn about the legacy of six CEO’s coming from six different industries. In these unique conversations between CEO’s and their daughters, we look beyond the annual balance, and we draw up a life balance.

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