Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of our terms and conditions These general terms and conditions apply to all offers, orders and deliveries, unless YIN UNITED VOF has expressly and previously approved in writing terms and conditions that are different from these general terms and conditions of sale. Other parties’ general terms and conditions – in the broadest sense – are not binding on YIN UNITED VOF, unless YIN UNITED VOF has previously accepted these terms and conditions in writing. Your registration to our programs is considered final upon receipt of a confirmation email. We confirm this registration in writing.Your commitment concerns the complete training. If you do not attend all the training days or if you stop the training early, the amount of the course will not be modified and, whatever the reason, no refund will be made.

Offers and prices

All offers of YIN UNITED VOF are noncommittal and remain valid for no more than 30 days from the date of offer. After this term, YIN UNITED VOF is entitled to change the prices or refuse the order. All prices are VAT excluded.


Any and all complaints regarding our invoices must be communicated by registered letter within eight days from their receipt. Failing this, our invoices shall be considered accepted without any reservation. A complaint can under no circumstances justify suspension of payment.

Payment conditions

The invoices issued by YIN UNITED VOF are payable within 30 days from invoice date, unless another due date is agreed in writing. For workshops and training courses: 50% is invoiced at confirmation. The last 50% and final settlement is invoiced right after the workshop or training. Any customer who fails to pay our invoices before or on the due date shall be liable to pay, regardless of the principal sum, interest on arrears of 1% per month and damages equal to 10% of the invoice amount, with for the latter a minimum of 65 euros. These interests and damages are legally chargeable without formal notice. As for the interests, every starting month is counted as a complete month. Bank and other charges resulting from international transfers or exchange rate fluctuations are entirely at the customer’s expense.


In case of unilateral termination of the agreement by the customer, the latter shall be liable to pay damages equal to at least 30% of the total amount. Higher damages may be claimed if the loss sustained exceeds 30%.


Except for fraud or gross negligence on the part of the supplier, YIN UNITED VOF can never be held liable for any form of damage including additional damages in any form whatsoever. Moreover, YIN UNITED VOF shall never be liable to compensate any damage exceeding the value or the amount of the agreement and YIN UNITED VOF shall never be liable to compensate any damage exceeding the compensation received by YIN UNITED VOF from its supplier. On the other hand, YIN UNITED VOF can under no circumstances be held liable for any indirect damage such as financial loss, commercial loss, loss of revenue or profit, or loss of information.


YIN UNITED VOF retains all intellectual property rights (including copyrights) on all material and/or immaterial elements that are created or used for executing and delivering the order.


The agreement contained in this document is governed by Belgian law. Any dispute arising from these general terms and conditions shall be entertained only by the courts of the district of Brussels.