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Put new goggles on:
a broader look at leadership.


Put new goggles on: a broader look at leadership.

– Yin United

We invite leaders to bring their company closer to society.

Our world is rapidly changing. We are faced with growing diversity:

  • Outside-In, in terms of changing markets, clients, suppliers and digitally savvy end users.
  • Inside-Out, meaning that a more variated talent population is shaping your companies’ culture. Diversity takes many forms such as sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, age (millennials vs. baby boomers), religious background, neurodiversity to name just a few.

Adapting to this changing world requires an innovation mindset from leaders, and a willingness to step down the hierarchy ladder to have a different perspective on their company.

This leadership style uses collaborations as the fuel for innovation.

About Inclusive Leadership

What’s in it for your business

Inclusive thinking is good for your people’s approach ànd your business results. The big consultancy firms have proven the business case time after time. It gives up to +33% more chance for higher financial results … because:

  1. it brings you closer to the new real world and your new role;
  2. it leads to less biased & more innovative decision making;
  3. it delivers better risk assessment;
  4. it makes you better in anticipating your clients needs.

Our program develops inclusive thinking capabilities in sync with the top Skills for Your Future from the World Economic Forum. It’s accessible, pragmatic and inspiring to help you positively impact your team, your client-supplier relationships and yourself.

Our 3 programs

We can only thrive as a species,
if the species around us thrive.

-David Attenborough

How it started

YIN UNITED was founded in reaction to the ‘Voices of our Industry Report’ published by Creative Belgium in 2020.

The results indicated a strong need for inclusive thinking and mental wellbeing in the workplace.

By inviting all kinds of thinking to the table, you stimulate innovation and creativity in the workplace. Not because you have to but because you see the potential for growth. Isabel Van den Broeck, managing director of Creative Belgium says “Yin United is a great initiative to help the creative industry perform better by stimulating innovation and personal growth in the workplace. Together, we will drive lasting change, bottom-up and top-down.”

With that in mind, “YIN” is an acronym for “You Include Now” – “You Innovate Now” – “You Inspire Now”. We united these movements into our name YIN UNITED.

About Us

A few credentials

In the creative industry

And beyond

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