Bounce back

How to create an upward spiral for the creative industry.

“YIN” is an acronym for “You Include Now” – “You Innovate Now” – “You Inspire Now”. We united these movements into our name YIN UNITED. But of course, we should tip the wink that it probably makes you think of the black side of Yin & Yang.  What’s nice about this Eastern symbol is that it invites us to combine two ways of thinking: Yin stands for circular thinking, where Yang is more linear thinking. And like everything in life, it’s about balancing both worlds.

What does this concept of circular vs. linear mean for your leadership? How can you combine circular thinking with linear thinking to obtain an ascending spiral for your company?

The linear thinking is probably already present in your leadership approach. The current health crisis had an impact on your revenue and forced you to make some hard decisions in 2020. It was a year of layoffs, of pitching for new clients, of making use of technical unemployment as a tool to stay financially healthy. Efficiency and profitability were guiding your and your competitor’s decisions.

Let’s have a look at your circular thinking possibilities now. It starts with making more space for a human centric approach, internally and externally. Create more value by interacting more consciously with others. Go beyond the transactional way of collaborating and put just a little more effort on the relationship you have together. Because we’re all in it together. We depend on each other. If one of you sinks, the other will feel it and reverse.

Imagine how it would feel if you focus much more on lifting your clients, employees and even suppliers. It’s up to you to build those kinds of relationships. And the stronger your relationships are, the more creative your work becomes. And the more creative your work is, the better your business performs in attracting new business. This mental breathing space is exactly what people need in today’s digitalized world. It provides the oxygen needed to rethink your way of working and improve your collaborations. People need to connect to be able to feed their imagination and creativity. It’s a known business paradox: slowing down to speed up.

Another way of circular thinking is celebrating more by honoring the team’s effort. Not only at big occasions like winning an award but think of regularly sharing and celebrating small stuff like a positive client feedback or a colleague who’s gone the extra mile that week. Also think of a bigger momentum to finish the year and make it round. We can all be proud of surviving this difficult year.

Let’s help you getting started and create some good times: share what the positive learnings have been in these incredible times we lived this year? Zoom out and do this with your team ànd other partners, clients, suppliers, freelancers… What have they learned from making mistakes or from so called ‘failures’ that will help you all lift back up and be stronger than before? What is the unexpected bonus from the setbacks?

Listen well, don’t try to fix things, just listen listen listen and listen even more to find the golden nuggets. It doesn’t matter how many how many times you fell, what matters is how well you bounce back. You’ll be feeding a work context with a learning and growth mindset, shaping up for better future times.

We all need fresh energy to start 2021 in the right upward spiral.

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